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Marriage Certificate is one of the primary look out, if you are planning to visit or settle any foreign country with your spouse. The embassy will require the proof that you are married to certain person through your supporting documents. It is necessary, if you are applying for Visa, one should start the process for attestation of the documents as well. 


Process for Attestation 


Marriage certificate attestation is a lengthy process and may take up your precious time and money. The process goes through attestation to various desk and higher authorities in India. There is a chain of command that approves your certificate which involves attestation from Home Department followed by MEA Attestation and in the end the documents follow the embassy of the country you are planning to visit in India. The entire process takes place in Mumbai city.


What do we do?


ND Universal Mumbai, provides you attestation services for various documents. Our services are accounted and notable and our staff is trained to process as per client direction. We are fast and hassle free service provider for apostille services. We have our reliable pick up and drop courier services working in each state and city, so that your physical presence is not required. Our service charges are standard and minimal as per the process. For document apostille attestation click here


So, if you are looking for any assistance, now you know where to contact us at. Drop us an email or contact our representative nduniversal now.